The core team of the company was formed in 2012 and developed the first generation of domestic plug-in IO modules in the following years.  In 2018, the team successfully acquired Sitepoint Technology and restructured the business of Sitepoint Technology, focusing the business on the research and development of automation bus technology and products. The company has now completed Pre-A round of equity financing and has been successfully selected as a list of Nanjing Cultivating Unicorn Enterprises, which makes us become a leading automation bus technology, product and solution provider in China.

Over the years, Realpoint has taken industrial bus as the core to realize the interconnection of industrial products, and its products have been widely used in 3C, new energy, logistics, welding, water treatment, building control, factory monitoring and other industries and fields.

 "Leading industrial interconnection, making intelligent manufacturing easier" is the corporate vision of Realpoint Technology, we always adhere to the customer demand as the center, down-to-earth products, and provide services for the realization of long-term customer value.

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