Integrated I/O, CC-Link IE Field Basic, SLMP, 16ch DO, NPN type, 102*72*25mm, space saving, smart, fast wiring, RTB(Removable Terminal Block), easy configuratI/On, suitable for main statI/Ons of Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron and other major manufacturer, IP20.


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Interface data

Protocol CC-Link IE Field Basic, SLMP
Max. nodes 64
Data transfer medium CAT5 Ethernet cable
Bus interface 2*RJ45
Data transfer rates 100Mb/s
Distance between stations 100m
Electrical isolation YES

Technical data

Power supply 24VDC(18~36V)
Current consumption 50mA
Weight 150g
Module size 102*72*25mm
Protect. class IP20
Operating temperature -10~60℃
Storage temperature -20~75℃
Relative humidity 95 %, no condensation

Digital input

Number of inputs 0

Digital output

Nominal voltage 24VDC(±20%)
Number of outputs 16
Transistor polarity NPN
Load type ohmic, inductive, lamp load
Max. output current Max: 500mA
Port protection Overvoltage, overcurrent
Electrical isolation AC 500V
Indicator Red LED


Analog inputs 0
Analog outputs 0


  • Manual

    CB4 Series_CC-Link IEFB Integrated I/Os user manual

  • Tools

    CB4 Series_CC-Link IE Field Basic IP Address Modification Tools

  • Wiring Diagram

    CB4 Series_CC-Link IEFB Integrated I/Os wiring diagram


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