Integrated I/O, DeviceNet, 32ch DO, NPN type, 102*72*25mm, space saving, smart, fast wiring, RTB(Removable Terminal Block), easy configuratI/On, suitable for main statI/Ons of AB, ABB, Omron and other major manufacturer, IP20.


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Interface data

Protocol DeviceNet
Max. Number of IO Modules 64
Data Transfer Medium DeviceNet Standard 5-core Cable
Bus Interface The multi-station structure and T-branch connection can be used in combination (for main and branch lines)
Data Transfer Rates 500Kbps / 250Kbps / 125Kbps
Distance Between Stations 100m / 250m /500m
Electrical Isolation 500V
Bus Interface 7P Spring Clip Terminal Block

Technical data

Power Supply 18~36V DC
Weight About 130g
Module Size 102*72*25mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10~60℃
Storage Temperature -20~75℃
Relative Humidity 95 %, no condensation
Power Interface 3 Pin connection

Digital output

Nominal Voltage 24VDC(±25%)
Number of Outputs 32
Transistor Polarity NPN
Load Type Inductive load, resistive load
Max. Output Current Max:250 mA
Port Protection Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
Electrical Isolation 500 V
Indicator Green LED
Isolation Method Optocoupler isolation


  • Configfile

    DN4 Series_DeviceNet Integrated I/Os system config file

  • Manual

    DN4 Series_DeviceNet Integrated I/Os user manual

  • Wiring Diagram

    DN4 Series_DeviceNet Integrated I/Os wiring diagram


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