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Slice EtherCAT to EtherCAT gateway. It can bi-directionally transmit 256 bytes of IO data between two EtherAT master stations, with advantages such as high real-time performance, optimized system configuration, simplified on-site wiring, and improved system reliability. It realizes the communication needs of connecting different networks quickly and efficiently.


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Interface data

Protocol EtherCAT / EtherCAT
Data Transfer Medium Ethernet/EtherCAT CAT5 Cable
Data Transfer Rates 100 Mbps
Distance Between Stations ≤100 m
Bus Interface 2xRJ45 / 2xRJ45

Technical data

Weight 290g
Module Size 106x61x81 mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~+75℃
Relative Humidity 95%, no condensation


  • Manual

    GW6L-A0(L256)EtherCAT protocol gateway user manual

  • Configfile

    GW6L-A0(L256)EtherCAT gateway config file


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