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The product has a high protection level of IP67, with simple and fast wiring that enables power supply and data transmission. 16 channels digital input/output configurable with PNP. It is designed according to the IO-Link V1.1 specification and can be connected to various IO-Link standard master stations. LED status display, channel-level protection and diagnosis.


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Interface data

Interface type M12,A-code,4Pin
Cable length ≤20m(Between the HUB and the master station)

Technical data

Power Supply 24VDC(18V~30V)
Module Size 164.7*57.7*34.1 mm
Protect. Class IP67
Operating Temperature -25~+70℃

Technical indicators

Number of Input Channels 16
Input Filtering Configurable
Input Current 4mA
Communication speed COM2(38.4kbps)
Minimum cycle time 3.2ms
Length of process data 2 bit
Current loss No load: 15mA
Input and output configurable M12,A-code,5Pin
Input and output interfaces PNP
Input channel type Support
Short circuit protection for numerical input LED indicator
Communication Status Support
Pressure monitoring Support
Temperature Detection Support
Short circuit and overload protection Support
Firmware upgrade Support
Data storage Support
Number of output channels 16
Polarity of output channel PNP


  • Manual

    IOL7 series IO-Link HUB user manual

  • Configfile

    IOL7 series HUB IOL7-16CB-M12 configure file


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