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EtherCAT 4-port switch, based on high-performance EtherCAT ASIC communication chip, with faster speed and support for switch cascading function, Supports DC clock and ring network redundancy.. It supports hot-swappable network cables and has simple configuration setup. It is compatible with major mainstream EtherCAT master stations. The power supply system supports reverse connection protection and short circuit protection. It can be flexibly combined into various topology structures and widely used in various EtherCAT network industrial systems.


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Interface data

Protocol EtherCAT
Data Transfer Medium UTP or STP of 5 categories or above (STP recommended).
Data Transfer Rates 100 Mbps
Distance Between Stations ≤100 m
Electrical Isolation 500 VAC
Bus Interface 4xRJ45(1 In 3 Out)
Hot-swappable Ethernet port Support

Technical data

Power Supply 18~36VDC
Weight 110g
Module Size 112×76×28mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10~+60℃
Storage Temperature -20~+75℃
Relative Humidity 95%, no condensation
Configuration mode Through the main station
Power Protection Reverse connection protection and short circuit protection


  • Manual

    EtherCAT Switch fout port SW4-ECP04 user manual

  • Configfile

    EtherCAT 4 ports switch SW4-ECP04 configuration file

  • CAD

    EtherCAT 4 ports switch SW4-ECP04_3D diagram

  • CAD

    EtherCAT 4 ports Switch SW4-ECP04 2D Dimensional Drawing


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