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Provides a three-in-one interface of RS232/RS485/RS422, supports Modbus RTU/Ascii master station, supports transparent transmission and Freeport, and supports customization of various master station function blocks.


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Interface data

Data Transfer Medium X-bus Backplane Bus
Connection Method Plug in spring connection

Technical data

Weight 90g
Module Size 106×73×25.7mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10~+60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~+75℃
Relative Humidity 95% with no condensation
Number of Channels 1 channel
Communication interface type RS232、RS485、RS422
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU、Modbus ASCII
Baud rate 1200bps~115200bps
Power 70mA@5VDC

Technical indicators

Communicate Mode 0:MRM(Modbus RTU Master mode)
1:MRS(Modbus RTU Slave mode)
2:MAM(Modbus ASCII Master mode)
3:MAS(Modbus ASCII Slave mode)
Serial Baud 0:1200 bps
1:2400 bps
2:4800 bps
3:9600 bps
4:19200 bps
5:38400 bps
6:57600 bps
7:115200 bps
Serial Stop 0:1 Bit
1:2 Bits
Serial Parity 0:None
1:Odd parity
2:Even parity
Serial WordFormat 0:8 Bits
1:7 Bits
Modbus Slave ID 1~247(Valid in slave mode)
Modbus Slave Respond Delay 0~65535 ms


  • Manual

    XB6-C01SP serial communication user manual


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