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XB6-P20A is a slice type encoder counting module that uses X-bus bottom bus and can be connected to two 24V single-ended AB orthogonal incremental encoders. The module supports functions such as Z-phase clearing, comparison output, and probe latching. It can be widely used in various industrial system equipment when combined with our XB6 series couplers.


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Interface data

Data Transfer Rates 6Mb/s
Distance Between Stations 22.5mm(station to station)
Electrical Isolation Yes
Backplane Protocol X-bus
Connection Method Push-in spring

Technical data

Weight 105g
Module Size 106×73×25.7mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10~+60℃
Storage Temperature -20~75℃
Relative Humidity 95%, no condensation


Power supply voltage 24VDC(18V~36V)
Encoder input channel 2 channels, 24V single-ended encoder signal
Probe latch function Support, 1 channel encoder with 2 channel probe function, PNP/NPN
Compare output function Support, 1-channel encoder with 2-channel comparison output, NPN
Normal digital input Supports 1 encoder with 2 common digital quantity inputs, PNP/NPN
Normal digital output Support, 1 encoder with 2 common digital quantity outputs, NPN
Encoder pulse input mode Supported: AB orthogonal (ABZ), direction pulse (Pul+Dir), dual pulse (CW/CCW)
Maximum input frequency of encoder pulses 1MHz
Real-time speed of reporting channel Support
Reset Z-axis to zero Support
Counting rate setting 4 times/2 times/1 time (default 1 time)
Circular counting Support
Counting Range 0 to 2^32-1 or 0 ~ circular counting resolution x counting rate -1.
Encoder resolution setting Support(0~65535)
Setting the initial value of the counter Support (the range for setting the initial value of the count is 0 to 2^32-1).
Reverse counting Support
Encoder input hardware filtering Support (Level 0-15).
Probe input frequency 1MHz
Compare the response speed of output signals 50us
Input/output pin function selection Support
Power failure storage Support


  • Manual

    XB6-P20A pulse counter user manual


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