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Supports two types of orthogonal encoder inputs, with a counting rate of up to 500KHz. Supports linear counting from 0-4294967295 with 32 bits. Supports ring counting and 4x/2x/1x counting rates. Features power-off memory function, Z-phase reset, and four configurable latch channels.


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Interface data

Data Transfer Medium X-bus backplane bus
Data Transfer Rates 6Mb/s
Distance Between Stations 22.5mm (distance between stations)
Electrical Isolation Yes
Backplane Protocol X-bus
Connection Method Push in spring connection

Technical data

Current Consumption 44mA
Weight 100g
Module Size 106*73*25.7mm (installation width 22.5mm)
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10~60℃
Storage Temperature -20~75℃
Relative Humidity 95%, no coagulation
Rated voltage 5VDC

Technical indicators

Process data volume: Downlink 12Byte
Process data volume: Upstream 20Byte
Digital IO Input: 4 ch ,PNP/NPN
Output: 4 ch ,PNP
Analog IO NO
Encoder Input 2 ch
Encoder signal Orthogonal
Counting rate ≤500KHZ
Clearing Z Phase Support
Hardware latch function Configurable latch signal
Compare output function Not supported at the moment
Counting Rate Setting 4x/2x/1x (default 4x)
Resolution Settings Supports 0-65535 (default is 0)
Ring Counting Supports (0-resolution*counting multiplier-1)
Linear counting Support (0-4294967295)
Setting the Initial Value of the Counter Support
Hardware filtering Support: 0-15 (default 7)
Count Range Selection Support:(0-4294967295‬)
Reverse counting Support


  • Manual

    XB6-P20D user manual


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