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PROFIBUS-DP Coupler Kit: includes PROFIBUS-DP coupler (XB6-PD0002), 2A power supply (XB6-P2000H), and terminal cover plate (XB6-CVR00); features PROFIBUS-DP bus interfaces. With a compact size of 106*61*47mm, it provides a driving circuit of up to 2000mA for the coupler and subsequent IO modules. It has fast speed, quick wiring with pluggable terminals, simple configuration, and is compatible with most PROFIBUS-DP master stations such as Siemens, AB, Omron. The high-speed X-bus supports up to 32 slave stations with a maximum scanning cycle of 1ms. It also has an IP20 protection rating.


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Interface data

Max. Number of IO Modules 32
Data Transfer Medium PROFIBUS-DP dedicated cable (shielded twisted pair RS-485 communication cable).
Data Transfer Rates 9.6 Kbps ~ 12 Mbps
Distance Between Stations 9.6 Kbps ~ 187.5 Kbps : ≤1000 m
500 Kbps: ≤400 m
1500 Kbps: ≤200 m
3000 Kbps ~ 12000 Kbps: ≤100 m
Electrical Isolation

Technical data

Power Supply 18~36 VDC
Current Consumption sequentMaximum 1600mA (subsequent IO)
Weight About 300 grams.
Module Size 106*61*47mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10~60℃
Storage Temperature -20~75℃
Relative Humidity 95%, no condensation
Power Interface Push-in 3pin


  • Manual

    XB6-PD2002ST Coupler I/O user manual


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