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The XB6-PWM4 module supports four-channel PWM output with independently adjustable duty cycle and frequency. The maximum output frequency can reach 20KHz, and the module supports smooth acceleration and deceleration of PWM output parameters. It also features synchronous output function between channels, as well as eight-channel general digital outputs and 14-channel general digital inputs.


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Interface data

Data Transfer Rates 6Mb/s
Distance Between Stations 22.5mm
Electrical Isolation Yes
Backplane Protocol X-bus
Connection Method Spring Push-in

Technical data

Current Consumption 25mA
Weight 110g
Module Size 106*73*25.7mm((Installation width 22.5mm))
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -10~60℃
Storage Temperature -20~75℃
Relative Humidity 95%, no coagulation.
Rated voltage 5VDC


Power supply voltage 24VDC(18V~36V)
PWM output channels 4 channels,PNP
digital output channels 8 channels,PNP
digital input channels 14 channels,PNP/NPN
PWM output voltage same with power supply voltage
PWM channel driving capability 1A
PWM output duty cycle 0%~100.0%
PWM output duty cycle adjustment accuracy 0.10%
PWM output duty cycle maximum error ±0.1%
PWM output frequency 0~20kHz
PWM output frequency adjustment accuracy 1Hz
PWM output limit parameters Under the condition of 20kHz, the duty cycle range is from 1.0% to 99.0%.
Channel Overload Protection Support
Channel-level synchronization function Support (one-click synchronization of channel output frequency and duty cycle).
PWM uniform regulation Support (smooth transition according to the set time by changing frequency and duty cycle).


  • Manual

    XB6-PWM4 Slice IO PWM Output user manual


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