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The new generation slice type 8-channel temperature acquisition module, supports types of sensors such as thermal resistors and thermocouples. It uses the X-bus bottom bus, adapts to the XB6S series coupler, the module occupies a small space and has high practicality, providing guarantees for users' high-speed data collection, system configuration optimization, simplification of field wiring, and improvement of system reliability.


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Interface data

Protocol X-bus
Data Transfer Medium X-bus Backplane Bus
Bus Interface Reed Contact
Data Transfer Rates 6Mb/s
Distance Between Stations 22.5mm (stiation to station)
Electrical Isolation YES

Technical data

Power Supply 5VDC(4.5V~5.5V)
Weight 110g
Module Size 106.4*25.7*72.3mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Relative Humidity 95 %, no condensation
Module Abnormality Self-Recovery Support
diagnosis Support
Alarm Support
Firmware Upgrade Support


Analog Inputs 8
Resolution 16bit(int type)
Conversion Time TC:20ms/ch 110ms/8ch
RTD,TD:80ms/ch 330ms/8ch
Measuring Error TC:±0.3% @25℃ (F.S.), ±0.5% @-20~60℃ (F.S.)
RTD:±0.1% @25℃ (F.S.),±0.3% @-20~55℃ (F.S.)
TD:±0.1% @25℃ (F.S.),±0.3% @-20~55℃ (F.S.)
Input Resistance ≥10KΩ
Electrical Isolation 500VAC
Indicator Green LED
Input Filtering Single-channel filtering, configurable (levels 1-10)
Power consumption 200mA
Sensor Type TC, RTD, TD
Sensitivity TC,RTD:0.1℃
Noise Suppression 50Hz、60Hz、10Hz、none
Excitation Current <2mA


  • Manual

    XB6S series temperature acquisition module user manual


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