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The new generation slice SSI absolute encoder counting module, using X-bus bottom bus, is compatible with our company's XB6S series coupler modules. It supports dual-channel SSI encoder input, counting, probe latching and other functions. The module occupies a small space, has high data reliability and real-time performance, and can be widely used in various industrial system equipment.


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Interface data

Protocol X-bus
Data Transfer Medium X-bus backplane bus
Data Transfer Rates 6Mb/s
Distance Between Stations 22.5mm(station to station)
Electrical Isolation Yes
Connection Method Reed Contact
Process data volume: Downlink 2Bytes
Process data volume: Upstream 26Bytes
Refresh Rate 1ms

Technical data

Weight 110g
Module Size 106.4×25.7×72.3mm
Protect. Class IP20
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Relative Humidity 95%, no condensation
Module Abnormality Self-Recovery Support
diagnosis Support
Alarm Support
Firmware Upgrade Support

Digital input

Nominal Voltage 24VDC(15V~30V)
Number of Inputs 6
Transistor Polarity NPN/PNP
Input Current 4mA
Electrical Isolation 500VAC
Indicator Green LED
"0" Signal Voltage -3V~+5V/0.9mA or less (between COM and each signal) (PNP)
11V~30V/2.1mA or more (between COM and each signal)
“1” Signal Voltage 11V~30V/2.1mA or more (between COM and each signal) (PNP)
-3V~+5V/0.9mA or less (between COM and each signal) (NPN)
Isolation Method Optocoupler Isolation

Digital output

Nominal Voltage 24VDC(15V~30V)
Number of Outputs 8
Transistor Polarity NPN
Load Type Resistive load, Inductive load
Max. Output Current Max:500mA
Port Protection Overcurrent Protection
Electrical Isolation 500VAC
Indicator Green LED
Isolation Method Optocoupler Isolation

Technical indicators

Encoder Input 2 channels
Encoder signal type Differential signal, 5V
Data frame length 10~40 bits
Position Value Format Supports Gray code or binary
LSB/MSB Position Value Can be set
SSI encoder clock frequency ≤2.0MHz
Read Interval Time Can be set
Probe Function (High-Speed Hardware Latching) Support


  • Manual

    XB6S-PS20D Absolute Value Encoder Counting Module User Manual


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