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  • *What is the hardware delay of EC6-P04D module?

    EC6-P04D adopts the output filter capacitor of 1nf, and the delay time is about 100ns
  • *When the master station communicates with the EC6 module, does the command go through the coupler first or directly to the module?

    In communication, the EC6 coupler is only responsible for transmission through, the command sent by the master station directly reaches the target module, and the module response time is related to the scanning period of the master station
  • *What is the bottom bus protocol for the EC6 series modules?

    The EC6 series module bottom bus is the EtherCAT protocol
  • *Can the frequency be modified online when EC6-P04D module pulse output?Number of custom pulses?

    1. When the module outputs the pulse, it can change the frequency online and continue to output at a new frequency in real time. When switching the frequency, the output will not be disconnected;

    2. The number of output pulses can be customized, accurate to 1 pulse

  • *Can I do analog input and output at the same time on the analog module?

    At present, there is no product of this model, if there is a demand, you can contact our Marketing Department to discuss customization.
  • *What is the protection of the input and output of the digital quantity module?

    The input-output channel of digital quantity module is protected by overvoltage, overcurrent and power reverse connection
  • *EC6 plug type valve island, IO module and valve island are put together, will IO module be affected by moisture?

    The operating temperature of EC6 series plug-in IO modules is -10~+60℃, the relative humidity is 95%, and there is no condensation
  • *Is a module a node in the EC6 series?

    Each EC6 module is an EtherCAT node
  • *What is the valve island protection class?How many solenoid valves can take?

    Protection class of valve island: IP20;Standard type valve island single electronic control valve plate maximum 24, double electronic control valve plate maximum 12, can be customized other Numbers
  • *Who are your typical customers?

    Our customers include: foxconn, byd, dazu, li yuanheng, huaxing yuanchuang, hanchuan, GCL, etc
  • *Which industries are most used in your products?

    At present, our products are mainly used in 3C, new energy, photovoltaic, logistics and other industries
  • *Does the analog module signal receive protection?

    The channel of analog module of current input type is protected by reverse connection, while the channel of voltage input type is not protected by reverse connection
  • *Analog module channel signal acquisition time?

    Sampling rate of analog module ≤1 KSPS
  • *Is the digital quantity module isolated and how?

    The digital module is isolated by optical coupling
  • *Does the module support line breaking and zero clearing?

    We are remote IO module besides MECHATROLINK - Ⅱ protocol module, other agreements have support bolt to empty keep configuration module

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