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IP67 I/O, integrated design, CC-Link protocol, 16-channel digital outputs, PNP type, housing made of reinforced plastic material, power interface using M12-L coding, rich indicator light function design. Using the CC-Link industrial Ethernet bus interface, it is a CC-Link slave device of the standard IO architecture and can be compatible with CC-Link networks from multiple vendors. It provides users with various options such as high-speed data acquisition, optimized system configuration, simplified on-site wiring and improved system reliability.


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Interface data

Protocol CC-Link
Data Transfer Medium CC-Link dedicated cable (three-core shielded cable)
Data Transfer Rates Five speed rates can be set: 10 Mbps / 5 Mbps / 2.5 Mbps / 625 kbps / 156 kbps
Distance Between Stations ≤100 m / ≤160 m / ≤400 m / ≤900 m / ≤1200 m
Electrical Isolation 500V
Bus Interface IN:M12,4Pin ,A-code,PIN-end,blue

Technical data

Power Supply 24 VDC(18V~30V)
Weight 480g
Module Size 225×62×35.1mm
Protect. Class IP67
Operating Temperature -25~+70℃
Storage Temperature -40~+85℃
Relative Humidity 95%,no condensation
Power interface 2×M12,5Pin,L-code,red
UStotal current Max:16A
USpower consumption ≤40mA
ULtotal current Max:16A
ULpower consumption 25mA + Sensor supply current + load output current
Electrical isolation between GNDS and GNDL Yes

Digital output

Nominal Voltage 24 VDC(18V~30V)
Number of Outputs 16
Transistor Polarity PNP
Load Type Resistive load, inductive load
Max. Output Current Max:500 mA(from UL
Port Protection Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection
Electrical Isolation 500 VAC
Indicator green LED
Output Interface 8×M12,5Pin,A-code
Output total current Max:8 A(from U>sub>L)
Isolation Method Optocoupler isolation

Technical indicators


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